Hat that identifies a country of handicrafts

Hat that identifies a country of handicrafts

The Vueltiao hat

The Vueltiao Hat, is originally from Colombia and is made by artisans from the municipality of TuchĂ­n which is located north of the Department of CĂłrdoba, and its economy depends on 70% of its handicrafts; This municipality is of ZenĂș customs, thanks to its tradition that has been braided for more than 300 years of life. This town is considered the cradle of the Vueltiao hat.

The importance that has taken this national symbol of the country, has allowed Cordoba to become one of the tourist destinations most coveted by tourists, the hat Vueltiao becomes the favorite article of the more than 35000 tourists who visit the TuchĂ­n Township, Michigan yearly, and the hundreds of Colombians who dress with this original accessory.

The VUELTIAO hat route

The Department of CĂłrdoba currently belongs to the tourist corridor Golfo de Morrosquillo and Sabana, which aims to promote the tourist destinations of the department. This initiative is sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce Industry and tourism in an agreement made with the governors of Colombia so that the tourism in the national territory is actively impulse.

One of the strengths identified in the tourist corridor Cordoba is the sombrero Vueltiao so it was created from the Governorate of Cordoba the route of the Hat Vueltiao, which includes visit to the beaches, the heart of agriculture, livestock, food and Handicrafts from the ZenĂș culture.

The Cordoban are taking advantage of the cultural significance of the vueltiao hat in a positive way for their lives; Currently existing logistic operators that exploit this route, make trips with tourists to know the route of the Hat Vueltiao in the municipality of TuchĂ­n, where they perform workshops on the manufacture of the hat in Shank arrow and all Ancestral traditions of the ZenĂșes indigenous peoples of the region, thus generating economic income for the sustenance of their families.

In the municipality of TuchĂ­n there is a handicraft complex, which is being properly exploited, where exhibitions and cultural issues are carried out at municipal level, this complex is managed by the Arcadia of the municipality, but it is the stage designed for the Artisans can show their products.


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National symbol

For the Cordoban it is a pride that the Vueltiao hat has been chosen as a national symbol since the artisans have been dedicated to work for years in this product and perceive it as a recognition to their work, work and contribution to the culture of the department , weaving is all they do to preserve the ZenĂș tradition, and at the same time, to care for the indigenous knowledge of the country.

This is stated by the artisan, reinal Mendoza: “My life as a craftsman has been very long and beautiful, because through the trade, I have been able to make known in the country: since very young I have represented TuchĂ­n in different departmental fairs such as MonterĂ­a , and in events such as the Barranquilla Carnival and the Vallenato Festival. At the national level, I have taken my products to ExpoartesanĂ­as and have had the opportunity to elaborate the vueltiao hat to great personalities; One of the most remembered is what the former president Bill Clinton wore on his visit to Cartagena. ”

This artisan has traveled the world where he has released his work in the manufacture of the vueltiao hat in countries such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

In the United States he has participated for six consecutive years at the Santa Fe Folk Art Market and his products have reached the Smithsonian Museum, which is considered a great experience and at the same time a responsibility, because it is to take the name of Colombia at the most to LTO, with one of the emblematic pieces of the culture.

The sombrero Vueltiao has become a fundamental pillar for the cordoban that through tourism and exports at national and international level, have managed to generate a positive change in the quality of life of the artisan families.

Annually it is celebrated in San Andrés de Sotavento, Cordoba, the Vueltiao hat Festival and in Sampués, Sucre, the fair and the national reign of the Vueltiao hat. Generating a positive impact in these regions both economically and culturally.

With the appointment of the Vueltiao hat as a Colombian patrimony, the demand for labor, among other factors, has allowed crafts to receive much more support from both the state and investors.

For the Cordoban The fact that the Hat Vueltiao “from September 8 of the year 2004 with the law 908 of the Congress of Colombia has been elevated to the category of Cultural symbol of the nation”, consider since then as a great business opportunity in the Mer Due to its characteristic style that frames the Colombian culture.

Therefore, it must be said that thanks to this handicraft from the indigenous ZenĂșes and that represents the culture of the Cordoban, the quality of life of the thousands of artisans who are engaged in working on products made from Cane Arrow has improved Considerably, sales increased and allowed a culture to remain steadfast in time.

It should be noted that great personalities of the world such as former President of the United States, Bill Clinton, Pope John Paul II and Venezuelan President Hugo ChĂĄvez, have looked at this great accessory, which is also a showcase for the work of artisans Cordoban be recognized worldwide.

Types of hats

The quality of the hat depends on the type of fiber used (ordinary or fine) and the amount of braided fibre strips. A quality hat will be flexible and lightweight. According to the number of pairs of fiber that conform the braids, the Vueltiaos hats can be:


It is made with braids consisting of 15 pairs of strips. It’s the simplest and the least quality. Very popular and cheap. It is made with ordinary (non-flexible) fibers in about three days.


It is manufactured with braids consisting of 19 pairs of strips, obtained from fine fibers. Finer than the previous one, it can take a week.


of braids of 21 pairs of strips. It’s the finest of commercials. Its workmanship may take 10 to 15 days. Unique that its softness and weight can bend, reduce its size to a handkerchief, carry in a pocket, and regain its original size and shape without deforming the moment of opening again.


Their braids have 23 pairs of palm fiber threads. of great finesse and smoothness, it is usually made to order. Its manufacture can take up to 20 days. It should be emphasized that their braids are made with threads of palm fibre, not with strips.
Cordoban artisans make beautiful hats for all types of audience according to customers ‘ tastes, style and budget.

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